and Today’s Enterprises

I think that by now, many of you out there have been using Cloud storage like, dropbox, and others…they can be an invaluable tool for most.  Personally, I have a ton of PDFs that I need to access at a moment’s notice for non-work-related things…and has been my savior.  I was first introduced to them last year when I received my HP Touchpad (RIP WebOS), and they offered a 50GB account for those of us who had one.  Now, they’re on every device and I use them for all documents I need to access easily.

To my surprise at lunch today, I read on the blog that they just raised $125 million to invest in their infrastructure, grow overseas, and do more for their users.  Based on that, now is the time to start looking at the cloud for business storage.   Using iPads for your salespeople?  How about a place where they can store all of their documents securely, and access them when needed?  That’s just a simple example, but I am seeing it used more and more frequently.

Is the cloud right for you?  Let’s talk about it…while I can’t obviously help you with, I can help you understand how things like Cloud Controllers for Wireless and Wired networks will save you money…how putting your disaster recovery far far away & replicating data to it will save your bacon after a disaster…the list goes on.

Let’s talk cloud.  I’m here waiting to talk to you…


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