Coming out of the past…

I saw this ad last night on television, and I knew it had to go up today.  Its message is quite clear and useful if you think about it…

See what I mean?  You can track a bit and learn some about Ultrabooks right from Intel’s site, but suffice to say for an exec they’re a need, and for sales they’re a want.  Speaking as someone who’s had to travel with a big, clunky, heavy laptop on planes and trains…these things would be fantastic.  Right now I own a 17″ laptop and that guy…while awesome…could probably beat a huge dent in a car.  Not so fun to carry around.

We’re at a crux this year.  With so many companies having to skip on refreshing hardware over the economic dip we had in 2009-2011, most everyone is behind a bit on technology.  If you’ve got a salesforce, you need to consider either ultrabooks, or a tablet solution…something we can help you on.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, we’d like to invite you to our Secure Mobility Summit coming up on the 24th.  Lots of good information on how to handle a mobility solution…and attendees will receive a free Apple TV.  (1 per company I believe.)  Just click here for to sign up to attend…make sure to select Michael Leader as your rep…or your rep’s name if they differ from mine. 🙂

Hope you have a great week!









What…you didn’t think I couldn’t get a Doctor Who reference in there somewhere? 😉


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