How something Tiny can be HUGE…

Happy Friday everyone!  Before ya go out to enjoy your weekend, I wanted to show you probably one of these most amazing things I’ve seen here in my time at PC Mall.

I was recently tasked by a client of mine to help them replace the desktops in sixteen locations, and those units needed to be small, efficient, but also powerful.  Most everything was not going to work…either too big and powerful, or too small and useless.  The client was in a bind because they also had to meet a price point of $530, and that wasn’t happening either.  Near the end of our rope, I reached out to a good friend at Lenovo, and was introduced to their Tiny unit.

The Lenovo M72e…or the “Tiny”…is just that, tiny.  Often we’ve been forced to try and use inferior small form factor models, or to make thin clients work when we didn’t need thin clients.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to be the guy who has to force a puzzle piece into a slot not made for it…it’s just not fun.  These little guys meet the size requirement (they’re as as tall as a golfball and the length of 3), but most importantly, they’ve got core i3 and i5 processors.  So toss out the DVD drive…and voila!  You’ve got a small, kickbutt computer.

Granted, they got a very low price because they bought 250 units, but you can get this unit here for $539 easily.  🙂

Take a look and see right here.  If you’re interested in learning more, let me know and we’ll get you on the phone with our Lenovo rep and we can talk speeds & feeds…but most importantly, we can answer your questions too.

There you have it…happy Friday! 🙂


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