AppAssure is…well…assuring!

Happy Labor Day Hangover Day!

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a long weekend that most folks didn’t want to come back into work today…and I can guarantee that some of you were groaning when it came to dealing with backing up your Virtual Machines…as well as handling all of the Replication & Recovery too.   If you aren’t losing sleep over this yet…there will come a time my friends…there will come a time. 😛

So our friends over at Dell AppAssure, are striving to make this easy for you.  Not all backup solutions encompass an ability to effectively backup Virtual Machines, but AppAssure does the job nicely (along with other similar setups), and succinctly.  With their near-live recovery technology, they can recover your setup in as little as 5 minutes, and they can reduce the time spent wearing and tearing on your drives with their smart-agent setup as well.

Rather than jaw on about how cool this product is, and how white it can make your socks…why don’t you take a live webdemo with my Dell team?  Contact your PC Mall rep today (don’t have one?  click contact and shoot me an email) and we can set up a time for you to meet with Dell AppAssure to hear & see a demo that’ll amaze you.  This isn’t a limited time offer, but why wait until later?  It won’t cost you any money to learn, and will likely save your company a lot more than you think.

You can even jump here and use their ROI calculator.  Come on…it’s fun! 🙂


You say goodbye, and I say hello


-Mike Leader


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