DragonTech Deals – Blowtorch hot!

Good afternoon everyone!  I wanted to introduce all of you to our “Dragontech Deals” page.  Just so we can keep the sales stuff separate from all of the tech goodness, but utilize this blog as best as we can to alert you our clients to the best deals as possible, I’ve created the DragonTech Deals page, which as you can see is on the top menu.

The plan is to update that page as often as we can with special deals, and when it’s update, we’ll post a notice on the blog that there are new deals available.  Keeping it simple and useful at the same time.  All deals posted will have an end date, but can be pulled at any time based on availability.

Today we’re starting up with some Kingston SSD bundle deals.   Take a look at the video below to see just how tough these drives are! 🙂



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