Remember 9/11

Back in 2002, I had been at my job at Alderac Entertainment Group for a few months…and came in to find a paper with a poem on it, tacked to my old blue iMac’s screen.  I can’t remember the words on the paper anymore, but I remember them making me cry that morning.  It was reliving waking up to the initial attack the year before…and then watching the second plane hit in the greatest moment of horror in my life.

Like so many Americans, I was lucky to not really know anyone personally in the Twin Towers that fateful day…but it impacts my consciousness.  To this day…11 years later…my heart still goes out to those families who lost members, the police and fire who gave their lives to ensure that people got out alive, and to those children today who will never know the world before those strikes against the United States.

We hear the word “Patriot” used far to often, and it waters down the sacrifice required for that word to be truly used.  Men and women dying to stand up for freedoms, for what this country is supposed to stand for…and if we need to use it, those that died in that disaster should be allowed to carry the title Patriot…even if it was unwilling or unbeknownst to them at the time.  Their deaths at the hands of the terrorists…and in the case of Flight 93, their struggle to survive…shows them to be far more patriotic than any politician can claim.

Remember them…say a prayer…take a moment of silence…maybe we can still learn from their deaths and try to make this a better world, so it doesn’t happen again.


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