Meraki Systems Manager Rides Again!

Three years ago, I had co-workers who didn’t understand who Meraki was, and why I thought their product was so amazing.  A year ago at this time, most were starting to get it…and now, they come up in conversation even on the lips of senior salespeople who started in this business while I was graduating high school.  Top of Gartner‘s innovators in the LAN/WAN quadrant, these guys have always known their stuff…not to mention they have some of the best people working in the business.  (My territory’s area manager, Erin Hipp, is a great person and runs an awesome team.  Hi Erin! 🙂 )

Why do I mention their free Systems Manager Asset and Mobile Device Management tool?  Because today they released some major upgrades to that already great tool.  Now they have full support for Android devices, along with a great content manager called Backpack (available for iOS in Q4) that will securely deliver files and maintain updates.  The Backpack piece is a killer deal.  Through it you can deliver specific files to all devices under your management in a bundle or singularly.

People pay for this stuff?  Really?

Jump over here…to see what this is all about.

I’ve said this a lot in the past year…if you use Systems Manager, and if you do the webinar for the free product you’ll be sold.  If that doesn’t do it for ya…you can do a free 14 day demo of the products to just see how they work for you.

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