Skype Ransomworm…

Howdy folks!  Back again after being out 3.5 days last week…and it’s taken 2 days to catch up!  😛

Going to start this entry’s off with a doozie…the Skype Ransomworm.  I actually hadn’t heard about this until a couple of friends mentioned it yesterday…and oh heck it’s something to pay attention to!  Trend Micro has a good write up on their site here, but let me give you the basics.

This is a version of the Dorkbot worm that goes through the standards of stealing every single login and password you have to become a part of a botnet.  Typical Worm stuff…but it’s coming out of Skype contact lists…and it’s demanding money.  Some of the emails sent by this virus will contain a link that’ll download ransomware onto computers, demanding $200 be sent or the computer will be shutdown/erased/etc.

In the first 24 hours, TrendMicro had blocked over 2000 instances.  While not a OMGWTFBBQ moment, it’s always good to be aware. 🙂

Something for you to ponder (make sure your AV is up to date) while I prepare a dissertation on what I was taught up at Meraki’s offices last week.  I’ll be sure to share as soon as I have time. 🙂


Have a great rest of your day! 🙂


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