Windows 8…on your plate soon!

A lot of you know that I’ve been using Windows 8 since it became available to test.  Much like Windows 7, it’s been a pleasure testing it, and I can’t wait to have the actual version installed.  Being who I am here, I get a lot of questions about “when is it coming out?”  a heck of alot.  So, thanks to the folks at CNet, here’s a schedule of the Windows 8 release:

October 12 – Microsoft starts taking Pre-Orders for the retail version of Windows 8 Pro, and for PCs with it.

October 21 – Windows 8 phones, and the Samsung & Asus tablets become available for pre-order.

October 25 – Windows 8 Launch event in NYC.

October 26 – Officially available to consumers.  The Microsoft Surface tablet is also available starting on this date.  Preorder units will arrive as wel.

October 29 – Launch event for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco.

Come on now…who wants a Surface? 🙂


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