Acrobat XI is here!

Happy Monday to you all!  Just a short note, Adobe has released their newest version of Acrobat and it’s available now.

Some notes on the features and why you should upgrade:

1) Adobe only supports Acrobat 9, X and XI now  (so no needs to update patch)

2) New Enhanced Protected Mode

3) More Drawing & Annotation tools (STICKY NOTES!  who doesn’t love sticky notes?)

4) Full Microsoft integration across their Office tool and IE

5) and also a “Touch Mode” to obviously work with Windows 8 and other touch OSes.

From what I’ve seen, it looks a bit more streamlined, a little less annoying, and a cleaner product.

To order, of course give us a call or email.  You can see the retail pricing here on our site, but ask me nicely when you buy from me and you’ll get a discount. 🙂

Standard: Full version / Upgrade License / Retail Box



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