More on Windows 8…

Ok folks, the Deluge of Windows 8 is about hit…the dam is cracking and once it goes, the whole town will be wiped out!   Sounds like a disaster movie right?  Nope, it’s the first list of the Windows 8 products!

I was cruising my Feedly feed today while waiting for a client to answer the phone and came across this gem from Dan Ackerman at C/Net.  Links to all of the new hardware shipping out on October 26th (Win 8 release date for those who missed my prior article) show off how great Windows 8 looks and will work.

Some of my favorites are:

HP Envy Spectre Touchsmart XT    Lenovo IteaTab Lynx   Samsung Ativ Smart PC


Take a look and see! 🙂  For those of you who want into Windows 8 now, you can buy the volume licensing, but the retail boxes and units will be available October 26.

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