Dropped Packets No More!

No, not the webcomic. 🙂

This is something that we need.  Engineers make the world go round, yet there are times when people don’t even think about it.  Engineers helped design the car that gets you and your family to and from wherever you need to go…they designed that freeway overpass that has alleviated traffic…they designed a more efficient engine for vehicles that uses less gas and drives prices down…and now those cuddly buggars may have solved your dropped wifi and cell calls issues.

This article here goes over how they’ve gone from packets to a series-of-packets.  The way this helps is pretty cool.  To break it down, if a packet is “damaged” in transit signal, the receiver ignores it and waits for another packet with that info to be sent, causing a traffic jam which relates as network slowness or disconnects.  In this case, this new setup will send a series of packets at once which will help the packets to not be lost or dropped.  While this will not boost healthy signals, for poor signals it may mean the difference between life and death…or at least going from .5 megabits per second to 13 megabits per second!

This is almost as cool as the nine gigapixels telescope! 😉

Have a great Thursday!

from our friends at dp.lomin.com 🙂


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