Sick Cellphones, and other news items

Hi again!  There’s been so much news floating down over this week that I can’t keep up, so I’m going to do a little bit of a digest and links here. 🙂

1) Here’s a great article on how your cellphone is making you sick.  You carry it everywhere, it’s covered in germs from your mouth and nose…AND you share it with people?  Ew.  We’ve all heard this before, but it really is true.  Look up what Coliforms are and realize THOSE are on your phone.  Get an electronic wipe and clean it. 🙂

2) Windows 8 releases on Friday to the public, but you can watch the launch event today.  While MS has launch events today, Friday is the day to get your copy of Windows 8.  If you haven’t used it yet, you should.  While the learning curve is steep at first, you’ll do fine.  There’s a tutorial built into the install, so it’ll walk you through everything before it even starts. 🙂

3) Microsoft Surface – there’s a neat article from CNet here that asks the question, is the surface a table or a notebook?  or is it in-between in a whole new category?  It’s a good question…I’m dying to get my hands on one to find out.  Are you?

4) Windows 8 upgrade – Nuff said.  Go get it for $40.

5) Lastly…some discounts through the 31st for you. (while supplies last)…

And from our friends at Low Latency…


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