Windows 8 – 4 Million already?

Wow.  I know that I’m always big on new things, and Windows 8 is the newest kid on the block…but 4 million upgrades in as many days?  That boggles the mind.  Over on ArsTechnica, they mentioned quite a bit about this…but from my experience in the industry, this is a much faster adoption than Windows 7.

You can say that it might be because the price point is right.  For $40 you can get Windows Pro, and that’s a steal in itself already.  If you just recently bought a computer (since June) you can get a Windows 8 upgrade for just $15!  No the product isn’t perfect, but then is Windows ever perfect???  My experience has been wonderful with it (despite having to restore my computer to pre-win8-candidate install and losing all of my music…thank you iTunes Match for saving my ass) , and seeing it run on my 4 year old C2D laptop quite well is a joy.  (Many of you don’t know I did get Windows 7 to run on an ancient IBM T21 laptop with only 512mb of ram…so Microsoft is thinking about people with older computers now.)

So if you haven’t looked at it…do so.  Install it on your wife’s/husband’s computer…see how they react to it.  After the day long learning curve, it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

What are you doing with Windows 8? 🙂


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