Meraki’s big step into a larger world…

When I woke up this morning and saw the news…I can’t say I was surprised.  A lot of folks that I work with were, and some understood what was going on, others just liked to jab at me because I’m not a Cisco fan.  But yes, today Cisco announced their intent to purchase Meraki for 1.26 BILLION dollars.  Yes, BILLION.  The good thing is, this is being done not to shut down competition, not to turn them into a clone of what Cisco was offering…but a chance to actually grow Cisco into a place where they were struggling to get into properly.

Meraki built up the notion of Cloud-Based Networking.  There really wasn’t much of anything related to it until they came onto the scene and stood out like Andre the Giant in a subway station.  Gartner recognized them, channel partners worked with & promoted them, and clients saw their work drop and productivity increase.  Their year over year growth was stunning…and I still think they’re going to explode out of the windows of their office, much like this. 🙂

SO it makes sense that Cisco wants them, and not only that, but wants them to REMAIN being Meraki.  Finding that amazing new talent, building a sales culture that makes sure everyone wins, innovating products daily…so much so that to stifle them would be a waste of Cisco’s investment.   Heck, the people I know at Meraki are friends…not just co-workers or a partner…friends who I’d take a bullet for.  We’ve grown together…inspiring each other and making real magic.

Do I see this as the end of that magic?  No.  Harry Potter just graduated from Hogwarts to the Real World…watch out.  That’s a mean Expelliarmus charm. 😉

So for those of you who are worried or concerned, stop.   It’s good.  Working a deal with us for their product?  Keep on…though I would suggest buying the longest term contract possible (1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 years are available)…because we’re here to still work with them and help them deliver the best experience possible.

I never thought I’d say this, but Thank You Cisco.  Thank you for investing in the future of our business.



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