Windows Server 2012…*blink blink*

*Raises his head from the smoldering ashes of November*

“Where am I?”

Wow…Last week flew by in a torrent of post Thanksgiving madness, and December is starting to show the same kind of horse kick.  So, I need to get back on the horse here and let you folks know I’ve not forgotten you. 🙂

First off this month…how to plan for and deploy Windows Server 2012…the operating system built for the cloud…courtesy of my friends at TechNet.

This website here breaks it down…and gives you access to documentation on the hows and whys you should upgrade to Server 2012.  Granted it’s Microsoft’s article and their opinion…so let me share with you someone else’s opinion of Server 2012.  This great article on Techrepublic back in August sort of tells the story…with some compelling reasons to get Server 2012.  Here are some examples from there…

Dynamic Access Control – a sort of baked in centralized security setup.

Hyper-V Replica – This will be something for Small/Medium businesses who really can’t deploy a replication solution.

DirectAccess becomes kickass! – Now DA will actually work with IPv4 and can be virtualized.


There’s a start at least.  I”m out a little early today…but I’ll be back to update the deals page tomorrow with some HO HO HO! 🙂


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