Holiday Hangover

Hello everyone!  Man…it’s been awhile.  First, let me apologize for such a delay in posting.  The holidays mixed with a massive amount of business these past two months (and losing a member of the Dragontech team) kept me from posting at the pace I had set for myself.  This is always the case right?  We get going on things, and are then sidelined/sidetracked by things outside our control.  We’re still here…working hard at making this tech blog useful to you as a resource, and a place to bring you our wacky senses of fun.

So, first things first.  You’ll see above that we’ve changed our name from PCMallDragontech to PCMDragontech.    With PCMall changing how it operates with the many brands and companies underneath that banner…we as a company opted to change our name to PCM.  The name reflects a new outlook on our company, and a change from how we were under the former name.  We’re bigger, badder, better prepared, and moving with the times under this new name…and 2013 is going to be a great year, I can just tell.

Something came up recently while I was asked to guest blog on another site.  They were concerned that I was going to pitch specific products designed to make me money and take advantage of their users.  So to answer a few things here…

Do we sell tech?  Yes.  We the members of Dragontech work for PCM.  (Formerly known as PC Mall)

Do we promote particular items because we’re paid to? Absolutely not.  I’ve maintained a strict standard of bringing deals that we have to you our clients and readers, that are a win for you…even if they’re a detriment to me.  

What are we then?  We’re a solutions provider…we talk with clients, understand what they want to do, and get them the help to make it happen…what my friend Des called “tech enablers”. 🙂

So in closing…if you’re reading this and you’re a client of the Dragontech team, CALL US TODAY.  Why?  Hey…we’re working today to support you and all of our other clients.  We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s a “happy new year”…you all mean a lot to us.   Don’t want to call?  There’s always the contact page.  We’d love to hear from you always.

That’s all for now…you’ll see many more posts in the days to come.

Happy 2nd to last business day of 2012! 🙂



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