Jailbreakers are locked out!

One of the more interesting news items that’s come down the pike in the past week was the note that iOS jailbreaking site, Hackulous, shut itself down.  Claiming that their forums are too difficult to maintain because they’re a “ghost town” seems a bit nonsensical…so I’m willing to agree with this article here that it’s likely because there is no ability to jailbreak into iOS 6.

For those of you who don’t fully understand, people “jailbreak” their iPhones in order to put unapproved apps, and pirated apps onto their phone for free.  Illegal and immoral, yes.  Not to mention a great way to brick your phone and make it more useless.

If you can’t use it as the manufacturer intended, you should move over to Android since there’s a ton of apps for that, and plenty of ways to circumvent that system without creating trouble for yourself.


Or…maybe…JUST MAYBE…use the phone like you’re supposed to.  I’ve done my time breaking systems…it doesn’t do you any good when you destroy the device you own AND get yourself in trouble.  🙂


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