Possible Dell Buyout…

Wow.  Pretty big potential news.  Here’s the primary article over on Bloomberg.

Now there’s going to be a LOT of speculation, and a lot of “smart” people are going to say anything to get attention (my current favorite monkey-statement is “windows 8 is what’s killing them”  really?  Honestly, I can’t even say my real opinion here…email me and we’ll talk.)   Most importantly, it is about change…and it scares people.  Heck, PCM just changed its name and people got worried.  We’re one of many companies in this role in the channel, and people thought we were going to change everything we did.

Nope…still here doing the same job I was last year. 🙂

Point is, don’t panic.  Let’s see how this goes…it could be great for Dell for all we know.


Remember, don’t be a Button Monkey.  🙂


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