Who’s worried about Java? Not this coffee lover!

I always find it amazing when I read negative commentary that “people are worried” about X, Y or Z.  Please…stop losing sleep over if Oracle’s patch to Java can protect your computer  from a “serious vulnerability.”  I think the average user of a computer is so darn afraid now to do anything they’re paralyzed when it comes to updating.  My own tech-savvy mother even wasn’t sure about some programs that Microsoft was suggesting to her.  MICROSOFT!

Look, just do the update and let Java fix the two exploits and turn its settings to HIGH.  Then nothing will run without your permission.  If you aren’t sure…don’t run it right?  Tell your employees that they might not get to play games on their desktop at lunch.  (how about a walk outside instead?)   If you’re truly concerned, disable it and wait…don’t worry, think, do and be happy. 🙂

Anyone else note in that Daily Breeze article it was some guy from a German anti-virus company that you’ve never heard of?   As my younger friends would say, “lulz”. 😉


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