Cisco Sells Linksys to Belkin

Wow.  Well I guess it’s now official, Cisco is running screaming with its hair on fire from the consumer market.   What you say?  I thought they owned Linksys?  Not anymore, the sale of that part of their business to Belkin helps cement the move that Cisco has made to get away from the consumer market.

They bought and then trashed the Flip camera (which is still cool btw), because sales didn’t meet their expectations (reminds me of HP and the Touchpad debacle,  “What do you mean our lackluster product can’t be priced the same as an iPad?)…and now they’re jettsoning Linksys after gutting that company for the past 10 years.  I remember when Linksys had products that worked, were good & easy to use, and didn’t feel like a chore.  Maybe Belkin who has a softer touch and a good feel for consumer products can better utilize the Linksys brand name…I have hope.

Later this weekend I’ll post about the new HP Elitepad, since I got to use one yesterday.  COOL stuff. 🙂


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