Dell goes Private…

The Dell issue has been talked about over the past few weeks, with rumors of a buyout.  Now today, AP newswire has confirmed that Dell is going Private in a $24.4 billion dollar buyout.  It looks like Michael Dell himself and a few financial partners (Microsoft is one, Silver Lake Partners another) are buying out his own company in order to take it Private.

There’s going to be a lot of speculation on this for the coming weeks…on whether or not this is good for Dell as a whole.  Yes, taking the company private makes them not accountable to anyone but themselves, and will likely allow them the chance to restructure much easier.  Question is, who gets hurt?  In these kinds of deals, usually it is the consumer who is hit with higher prices, reduced service and lack of accountability.  I’m not saying that this can happen to Dell…but I’ve seen it happen before to other companies.

We in the DMR channel are waiting to hear what it will mean to us.  We don’t know yet…it could be very good for us and our clients, or it could spell the end of Dell working with the channel.  Who knows?  We’re waiting and watching here.


ZDnet asks 10 questions about what is going to happen to Dell here.

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