The Elitepad is about to Land.

Alright folks…you saw my earlier post about the HP Elitepad 900 and how it is just about to launch.  Rather than talk at length again, here’s a video you likely haven’t seen that will detail it for you…

No it isn’t the iPad…they’re similar but far different.  The Elitepad 900 was made for businesses.  (Unless you really have to look at your Excel spreadsheets in HD.)  This is designed to work with your existing Windows infrastructure.  (No jury rigging here!)  The Elitepad 900 will work right out of the box with what you need it to do.  Add the Battery Jacket and battery…and you’ve got a tablet running with 24 hours of battery life.  Add the keyboard dock and you now have a desktop replacement as well.  It’s worth looking at.

Right from the PCM website…click the graphic to go there and look.  Interested?  Want to know what pricing is like?  Contact us. 🙂HP ElitePad 900

One thought on “The Elitepad is about to Land.

  1. For the joker who said “similar but different?”….they are both tablets yes? They are both small squares of mobile computing…but wholly different. One for consumers who like to spend money on apps to take up their day…and the other one that’s designed to work with business infrastructures out of the box, and help people get their daily work done without the company network needing to be janked to accommodate a less-than-adequate OS that doesn’t play well with any other products.

    Does that explain it better and more directly? 🙂

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