Threat Predictions for 2013

Howdy folks.  Here’s something that is free and can give you a bit of a leg up on this year’s potential threats.  Our partners, Trend Micro, are holding a special webinar slated to run at 1-2pm Central time on Tuesday February 12 in regards to the security and risk landscape of 2013. Take a look below and come on out for it!  Better to know more and prepare, than sit in the dark, twiddling your thumbs and hoping for the best, right?


The security and risk landscape will be more complex in 2013. Are you concerned about protecting intellectual property and valuable company information? What are the gaps that cybercriminals use to steal information, profit, and sabotage operations? And what can organizations of all sizes do to use effective solutions to protect themselves?

Please join Jon Clay, Sr. Manager of Core Technology at Trend Micro, for this LIVE webinar.

Jon will outline the key security threats from 2012 and discuss what CTO Raimund Genes, along with the 1,100 threat researchers at Trend Micro, deem as the highest security risks for 2013.

We hope to see you there!

Trend Micro

Tuesday, February 12th
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CSTRegister Today >

Topics will include:

Security threats to businesses, our digital lifestyle and the cloud
Effective solutions to protect your organization
Safeguarding your customers’ interests
Establishing and implementing IT usage

Who should attend:

IT and infrastructure professionals
security architects
network engineers
risk and compliance teams
frontline managers who want increased visibility into the 2013 security landscape.

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