Battleground – APC Vs. Cyberpower

Howdy folks!  One of y’all asked me if I would do some Vs. statistics on products I think are commonly used and purchased.  Well, I think nearly everyone uses UPS units and go through them quite quickly.  One of the most common I’ve sold are these two units, one from APC and one from Cyberpower.  Both are quality…but I will let you tell me what you think the primary difference is…

APC Cyberpower
SMT1500 CP1500
1500VA with LCD readout 1500VA with LCD display
24 min 1/2 load & 8 min full 24 min 1/2 load & 8 min full
Hot swappable batteries Hot swappable batteries
3 year warranty 3 year warranty.
$477 (retail) $340 (retail)

Crazy right?  Well, several of my clients and I have found that Cyberpower offers a lower cost alternative to APC without losing any of the features that you’re used to.  I don’t like to tout one manufacturer over the other, but I’ve been personally using Cyberpower in my home for 4 years now, and that little guy keeps on ticking without issue.  APC is the industry standard…and if you’re happy using them, more power to you.  (oooh a pun!)  🙂

Have questions?  Ask away! 🙂


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