Innovations in mouse technology…

Normally we really focus on what will affect your lives in IT.  It could be new software or server tech…down to how to better manage your networking time (coughMERAKIcough).  This time around, I was jumping around on Kickstarter this past week looking for new game projects to help fund, and I found this amazing thing:

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing.  I think the jury is out on if it will help us carpal tunnel sufferers, but the ability to not have to move back and forth from the keyboard to the mouse so much just SCREAMS productivity.

Right now you can help Kickstart the project, for $79 and receive one of the units after the kickstarter goes through and they get them made.  Worth it.  I think this one is coming out of my bonus money. 🙂

Leads me to ask…what kind of innovations are you all interested in seeing?



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