EU Fines Microsoft $730 million!

No other way to say it…OUCH.  Today the European Union fined Microsoft $730 million for breaking a 2009 anti-trust agreement.  What that means is that back in 2009, Microsoft agreed to put a “browser ballot box” in every copy of Windows, so nobody was forced to use Internet Explorer.  (Because you know, it is SO difficult to find Firefox, Chrome, Opera or that Apple stuff.)

Due to a technical error, the service pack for Win 7 removed that option back in July, putting MS out of compliance with the regulation.  I find it pretty ironic that one of the largest companies chasing down people out of compliance with its software regulations was in the same boat for a change.  However, $730 million dollars is only 3% of Microsoft’s profit for 2012, so I don’t think they’re worried. 😉



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