R.I.P Google Reader…what’s next?

I think many of us were a little traumatized by the eventual loss of Google Reader, which is coming when Google does their annual “Spring Cleaning” of apps that aren’t making them any money or marketshare…aka July 1.

There are those who call RSS an outdated service, but many blogs and other websites exist off of it (including this one).  I still have sites and webcomics who are aggregated through Google Reader (since Google pushed the RSS deal back in the day)…and I feel like that guy who just lost his apartment, living out of his car…when it comes to this.

What’s on the horizon you ask?  Well there is a way to pull your feed list from Reader and then take it to another free service.  Or there is my new favorite way to get news, Feedly.  A great little app and site that lets me take what I am interested in and manage those newsfeeds much like you manage items on Flipboard.  A more graphical service yes…but this is what happens when you have to pander to the lowest common denominator.  I don’t say that to be mean, but the average person has little concept of what a newsreader still is, and wouldn’t know what to do with one if they had it.  However, with Windows 8 news app, and the various news apps on iOS and Android, they already have one for one service.

What can I use if I don’t want to move forward in time?  Well Caveman Sam, here’s what you can do.  Mashable has a good list which includes my favorite Feedly as well.   You can also check out Netvibes, which you’ll have to fiddle with a bit to get where you want it to be, but it looks good too.

OR…you can play with the new Google Keep.  You know…a notebook.  (I already have Evernote…do we need this?)


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