Meraki: Detecting and Containing Rogue DCHP

Oooooh…sounds technical right?  It is. 🙂

So rather than explain it myself, I’d like for you guys to jump over to the most recent Meraki blog to take a look see.  Right…pretty technical yet important.   Now for those of you who don’t have the ambulative power to click a link, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride…”Let me ‘splain…no, too difficult…let me sum up.”

Basically your DCHP controls who gets what IP address when logging into a network.  If that process is ever corrupted, that can cause all kinds of networking/internet/information relay issues for those on the network.  Then if a rogue device gets itself hooked into your network at that level, the phrase “security breach” will seem like a eyedropper amount of water spilled.

With Meraki’s tools, you’re easily able to spot intruders like this, and contain them with a few clicks.  Nice eh?  Wait, you haven’t tried using their products?  Did you know if you take a webinar with them, you can have a free enterprise wireless unit to check out how their products work…yes, you get to keep it.

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