Mike’s Ark: The Data Deluge

Two years ago, I received a message from a client that read, “Mike, dammit man, we need to build some kind of Data Ark!  I was measuring out our data increases, and by 2013, we’ll be growing 80% a year!!”

Goofy yes…but that’s  how that client is.  He had a serious point, the “Data Deluge” that I’m talking about and that Robert Scheier over at Computerworld is talking about (he reminded me of that email) is starting.  With businesses growing at a rate of 50-80% a year, and having to save that data for nearly forever, storage space is at a premium.

Even with data deduplication, some organizations that store video, graphics or music, still have massive amounts of data to store…don’t even get me started on email.  (My PST file is currently 5 gb and growing…AND I use a data vault program too! lol)  Now is the time for you and your company to take a look at how your data is being backed up and stored.  Sometimes the old way with Tape will work, but the restoration time will cause your beard/leg hairs to grow out to gigantic proportions.  Cloud backup really has earned a place too…backup your data onsite, and pay someone else to maintain and store the rest of your data too, right?

I’ve had a lot of good experiences with Barracuda and their device/cloud backup plan.  These start as low as 200gb, go up to 40TB, and also the ability to purchase an unlimited amount of storage online. (Or by amounts of 200gb.)  You can see those products here, and a datasheet here.  Now there are others like Mozy, Druva and Symantec‘s device backup…but personally I think what Barracuda has is what growing businesses need.

Let me know what you think…I”m always open to hearing your thoughts on these kinds of issues.  What have you done?  What do you want to do?  Can I use my industry contacts to help you?  (Um yes, yes I can.)

Let’s chat. 🙂



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