Mike’s Ark: Finding the Right Boatwright

Oooh fancy old word, Boatwright, eh?  Just means boat-builder.   Now since I started with the Data Deluge, I’m sticking with this motif of IT as Noah’s Ark.  In this case it’s MY Ark…since I’m doing the writing. 🙂

Finding the Right Boatwright is not about finding the right IT person who will do whatever his bosses tell him.  If you wanted a robot you’d build one…wait, what do you mean you can’t build your own robot?  Seriously, what a company needs is not a guy who does what people need him to do, he does what is best for the company.  Those who are the best Boatwrights plan their boats out…even if they have a small one to start with, they know it’s going to have to be bigger…and plan for it.

So, for the IT person, that means that yea, you’re going to need to start planning for the long game.  Even if you’re doing crazy amounts of break-fix, as-needed work, you have to plan a way out of that continuing to be the norm where you are.  If your boards on your ship are warping continually, you don’t keep fixing them and complaining that they break or warp more a week or two later.  You get good wood to make sure you have a quality ship!

“Well Mike, I don’t know how to make a sail properly…all of my boats have been rowboats before this…guess I’ll have to buy a manual to figure this out.”  No, you don’t!  Here’s what I am driving at…you don’ t know everything, and neither do I.  When you want something done right, you hire a consultant to get it done right.  This is what I and PCM excel at every day…helping you find the solutions you need…and if not a product you can install, a person to help you plan & execute it.  If we were talking and you told me that you knew nothing about Sails (Cloud Backup) but you know that it’s the wave of the future and you want to get into it soon, I’d say, “Well Fred, one of my good friends at Barracuda is an expert on that and we can help you get done what you want to do.”  That should make you quite happy that I know who to talk to for you, right?

That’s a part of being a good Shipwright for your IT Vessel.  Knowing who to talk to, so you can get the help you want and need.  So start thinking of me as your ship foreman, and let me help you get this going!

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