Mike’s Ark: Staying Afloat

One of the hardest parts of working in IT (or any job for that matter) is juggling many different things at once.  Some folks look at me with surprise when I tell them I have it just like they do.  With different names for things, they all balance out in the end.  There are procedures for everything, and if there isn’t, you get to write them right?  That’s what I thought.

So in this case, to stay afloat you have to manage your time very well…especially in IT.  Some folks utitlize their Outlook calendar to great lengthns, blocking out time for appointments and tasks.  Others prefer archaic dayplanners and schedule books…but for those of us in the 21st century there are our phones and apps! 😀  With apps like RescueTime, Things2, or Lift, you can get your life on track…not only your personal life but your professional one as well.   In reality, I”ve found personally that just writing out 3-4 things to accomplish works best.  Work on each one until done.  For example from today’s list:

1. Work on Managed Services deals

2. Work on credit issues for clients

3. Place orders with efficiency.

4. Write blog entry.

Now as you can see those are not hard to do…but just generic enough that I can work on them without being distracted.  I have to still work at them, and they are specific enough to work on them until they are done.   Simple, right? 🙂

Oh yes…IT stuff. 😀


Have a great Monday & Tuesday! 🙂



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