A reminder this Tax Season…

In today’s day and age, email is something we take for granted as private. Emails on the corporate side, while saved are protected from outside influences, right?  Not totally so.   I was reading this article earlier and was reminded of the power that the IRS holds in this country, even if it is just based on fear.   TECHNICALLY, the IRS considers your emails free and easy to get without a warrant.  So if you’re sending stuff that might get you in trouble that way, stop it.  (In fact stop just screwing around with your taxes, that’s a hornet’s nest you don’t want to irritate.)  While the majority of the email providers out there stand behind the US vs. Warshak case. which says that the Feds HAVE to get warrants to access your email, the IRS can just ASK for it and some smaller companies will give it up out of fear.

Two things.  Get Congress to actually do something and update the Electronic Communications Privacy act of 1986, and don’t let them get anywhere near your stuff.  🙂

I’m out of the office until monday.  Drop me an email if you have questions. 🙂



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