Adobe Creative Cloud

Much has been said about Adobe moving its business to the Cloud…with complaints on every side including folks in sales.  I’m not one to complain, but I wanted to make sure this post covered, why the Cloud, and what you can do to take advantage of it.

So why Creative Cloud for teams?  One of the biggest plagues that businesses go through is refreshing their software.  With Adobe refreshing every year, most folks were content to update their software every 3-4 years instead of being on top of new features…not that businesses were lazy…Adobe’s setup just made it expensive.  Now, with the Cloud model where you pay monthly (through adobe) or yearly (at a large discount from people like me), you can be up to date with the newest Adobe software.  The Creative Cloud for teams model actually works to your advantage in that:

  1. You have the most up to date software.
  2. Your team can collaborate & share files through the Adobe site
  3. The publishing services included help publish webistes and digital apps
  4. The creative cloud files folder online (100gb per user) allows you access from anywhere.
  5. Easily track usage and transfer seats while getting the Expert support from Adobe.

Right now there’s a special deal to get you and your company into the Adobe Creative Cloud.  Normally $70 a month ($840/year), until August 31 you can pick up a year subscription for $479.  Not bad right?  You can see more details here.   Let me know if you have questions!

Adobe cloud

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