Real Cloud Backup: Barracuda

A couple of years ago, a client of mine…we’ll call him Bob…had called me with concerns about his backup scenario.  With two locations on different sides of the US, it made it difficult for him to manage the information, and do specific backups.  It was here that I first really heard the phrase, “Mike, how can we use the Cloud to backup and restore?”  For all of my knowledge, I was a little stumped…because there really wasn’t anything yet that could do what he needed to do, without some major tricks involved.  We worked on several solutions that COULD help him, but they never came to fruition, then a budget hit…so it’s languished for some time.  I never gave up on him, and always kept this failure of mine in the back of my mind, watching like a hawk for something that would work for him, or anyone else I was working with.

Earlier this year, along came my friends at Barracuda (I’ll bet you a donut that they’re reading this too) in one of their standard vendor meetings.  I’ve always loved their products, and their awesome team that I work with makes it even better.  I was tired that morning after being up late re-reading my copy of the last Dresden novel, and was only half there when I heard the phrase, “…yes it’s Cloud Backup.”  My eyes and ears perked up at that, and the part of my brain waiting on that phrase kicked into gear …almost making me stand up out of my chair.  There it was…like magic.  I quickly became adept with the product, and brought it to several clients…all of whom are seriously pursuing it…and I even have a conference call today with my largest client about it as well.

What’s important to know here is that this is a disk to disk to cloud solution.  Now their backup unit comes with the software to manage the backup, and does NOT have to go out to their cloud to be used.  It is efficient without the cloud and bears looking at it, even if the word “Cloud” gives your bosses the willies.  It shouldn’t however, because Barracuda’s cloud backup is HIPAA compliant…and that’s a very good thing.  If it passes that muster, it’s got secure legs to stand on.  Like I said, the Cloud portion is optional, in both a 200gb unit version, and an unlimited version (there’s a price break in there…if you work with me I’ll show you).  The kicker on top of that is the Instant Replacement feature.  Yes it adds a little more to the price but once used pays for itself 10x over.  If that unit ever goes down/melts/drowns/and otherwise becomes useless…just call Barracuda and they will ship you a new unit with the files you’re storing in their cloud on it, ASAP.  Holy melted backup Batman…you are saved!

Is it perfect, No…and I would never claim it to be.  Can it solve all of your backup/DR worries?  I think it can.  In the end it bears taking a look at.  I’d like to get you on the phone with them…email/call/use the contact page and get in touch with me…we’ll work out a conference call so you can see this stuff in action.

I’m telling you now…don’t wait…let’s evaluate your backup/DR solution now!

Happy Wednesday!


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