Something great for Windows 8: Invoice360

Much like I heard when Windows 7 released, there’s a lot of flack about switching over.  “It isn’t XP…”,  “where’s my start button?”, “I’m scared of change!”  (ok nobody has actually SAID the last one but it’s easily inferred.)  Granted, there are always good reasons to not immediately adopt a new OS, but it’s been out there for quite awhile now…I have been using it for over a year and a half, myself.  I thought I’d do some scouring to find things that make Windows 8 great…and in today’s case, why Windows 8 tablets can be great.

Now the OS shines on tablets…it almost makes me want to pitch my Nexus 7 in the trash…and this software app can help a LOT of companies out of the Dark Ages of computing.  Invoices are the bread & water of businesses, and the bane of users.  No two companies are alike…heck out of all my clients, not one sends me a similar invoice…everything is tailored to each businesses’ need.  The folks at Invoice360, have tackled the issue of portability, usability, and individuality all at once.  Not only can you use the basic template contained in the program, but you can download their invoice creator program to make your own.

This Application is FREE…but the free version has a watermark placed on any PDF it outputs.  Heck but the price for the full, un-watermarked, version is only $14.99…and who can argue with that if it works?  I suggest you check it out…got windows 8?  Go here to get it.

I’m looking forward to helping the wife potentially sell the clothes and jewelry she makes and this seems to be the best way to document it professionally without having to go get quicken or other tools. 🙂

invoice 360 1 invoice 360 2 invoice 360 3


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