Xbox One: Future Tech In Your Living Room

Howdy everyone!  So today the tech world and gaming world is abuzz about the new Xbox One.  Not that it’s the first, but that it’s the only ONE product you’ll need to manage your entertainment in your household.  We’ve been inundated with media for years: netflix, amazon, dvd, dvr, bluray, cloud streaming, on demand, etc…and we all have our own solutions.  Some of us use multiple ways to an end…some of us are a bit more focused…but in the end, we all want our media and we want it easy.  In my opinion, the Xbox One may have nailed this.

On the reveal date, they didn’t talk about new games.  No cutsey cartoon characters, or shoot-em-up heroes to make people go oooh and ahhh over.  No…this time it was about how the Xbox One (The XO? Sounds too huggy & kissy for me, and the X sounds too much like alimony is involved) will be the heart and soul of your living room.  Why?  Because it integrates with your cable box/satellite box and internet to provide a managed experience.  Coming home, you walk in the door and say, “Xbox, On” and your entire entertaiment system comes on, and is ready to go.  After watching the event, and seeing all that the new software could do, it confirmed what I’ve been saying the past year…that Microsoft wants to own the device that will aggregate all of your media through the television set…and now they can.  Split screen viewing (the Snap function from windows 8) is possible, as well as using Xbox’s Guide, which is tagged into your cable/satellite provider…and you can seamlessly switch between games, movies, tv and internet…it’s almost creepy.

The biggest whine/flack/junk from gamers that I’m seeing, and 50% of it is based on unfounded news reports, is the belief that MS will not allow you to trade games, or buy/sell used games.  They do have a program for this, but as they’re not able to talk about it now, it’s still in the planning stages.  But, the games actually install from disks, and are registered to you through your account.  (Attention big brother nuts.)  What I think MS, and the game manufacturers want, is to know who is playing what…when you trade games to friends, they have no idea who is playing their product after the initial purchase.  So with a system (that will not cost you money) being built to trade games and sell used games coming, that should take care of that.

Really, if you own an Xbox, take the time to watch the event…this product can do amazing things.  Heck, my wife who is a sort-of-gamer, immediately saw the usefulness of the product, and commented that it would be good for folks like us to get back into shows we want to watch because of the ease and integration of media to the console.  Lastly, I’ve often found that the negativity being spouted by people when something like this is revealed, only stems from the want to be right if it does turn out bad…which is a bad way to look at life.  I have high hopes for the Xbox One and what it’s going to do to bring media together.  Thumbs up so far, Microsoft!


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