A How-To for new Windows 8 Users

I try not to criticize much in my posts here, the closest it comes relates to the adoption of the Windows 8 software.  I would have thought that after all of the amazing technological advances we’ve had in the past 13 years, that people could embrace change, and understand that things will have to move forward.  Not everyone is a multi-billion dollar bank who wants to remain on XP (and will pay millions of dollars to do so every technical instance after the 2014 support end date), and you’re going to have to use Windows 8 eventually.

That’s the average user…I”m not talking about y’all who are running Linux and coding your own stuff…more power to you, but in actuality, you amount to a very tiny portion of the population.  XP overran it’s course in time, and with the under-adoption of Vista, it made it harder for people to adopt Win 7 (which is probably one of the better things Microsoft has made in 20 years)…and now people are 2-3 generations behind on Operating systems.   I’m also not talking about moving EVERYTHING over to Win 8.  For businesses, MS allows licensing holders to downgrade to Win 7 if you’re not comfortable with 8…but you NEED to do that soon.

Now, for those of you who have jumped to 8 and you’re now suffering the “user backlash” of queries like, “Where’s the start button?”  “I can’t find my files” “Internet Explorer is weird looking” or my favorite “My desktop twitches all day, why is it alive?”…Here’s a pdf that explains how to use Windows 8 without too much difficulty.

Personally, I find it sad that any user doesn’t have enough curiosity or basic know-how to investigate how something new works.  Send this out to those who are whinging about the change to Win 8 or who are having difficulty.

See?  Here’s me, helping you with something free.  Who says I have to sell stuff all the time? 🙂


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