MobileIron – Strike while it’s hot!

Some days I bask in my own humor…this isn’t one of those days. 😉

Seriously though, I’ve had some good interaction with the folks at MobileIron, and we have a dedicated tech source for them here in my offices at PCM.  If you’re interested in Mobile Device Management, and Meraki‘s Cloud Controller setup isn’t your thing for some reason…then MobileIron might be the solution for you.  I’ve been talking about BYOD and the C0nsumerization of IT for a long time now…longer than most pundits and sales people in this business…and eventually it’s going to catch up to every business out there.  Don’t let it catch you, be prepared for it…develop a strategy…and LET US HELP YOU DO THAT.  We are very good at it.

You can get links to the MobileIron and Meraki trainings online on my Webinar Page here.

Take a look…learning is always worth your time. 🙂


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