Cloud Myths… (pt. 2)

Back again!  So…where was I?

What? Where did you think they went?

Myth #4:  Using personal devices to access the Cloud does not pose risks –  How many of you really thought that?  Allowing your employees to access the cloud from their personal devices can be a disaster to your internal security.  The document from Trend Micro pretty much sums it up…81% of companies had data breaches in the last year from careless or malicious employees…yikes!   Data Protection is key…heck, we can’t access personal Cloud information here at PCM…and while annoying at times, I can totally understand why.  There’s proprietary information and stuff not for public consumption here, and that isn’t supposed to leave the company…and I am sure all of your businesses are the same.

Myth #5: Cloud Service adopters have nothing to worry about – Not only is that a myth, it sounds like an idiotic fallacy.  Reliance on another company for hosting and managing what software you use IS a gamble.  Power outages and internet disconnects can cry havoc on your day to day work.  Granted, that happens at a VERY low rate with the larger quality company you’re working with…but it can happen.   What they have to worry about is maintaining their data integrity.  Multiple dropbox accounts?  Hosted Sharepoint?  Always good things in there for small businesses…but is your data current and backed up?  Do you keep a copy yourself?  Never hurts right? 🙂

I asked a lot of questions…but then so should you. 🙂

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