Switch Hitting: Meraki’s newest at-bat

Aw heck, it’s baseball season…forgive me. 🙂  Ok…so You all know I’ve spoken about Meraki’s switches, firewalls and APs for about as long as I’ve run this blog.  (Actually I’ve been championing their products here at PCM for just shy of 4 years)  After over a year of success with their MX Security Appliance line, and their MS Switch line, they’ve opted to add a few new products to the MS setup.

One of the things that customers have asked me for from Meraki was 8 port switches.  Those little guys are necessary items with small branch (1-4 people) offices…and most IT folks incorrectly use consumer units in place of better protected enterprise units when that kind of situation arises.  THAT leads to all kinds of trouble…on the reliability front, and security too…it’s better to put Enterprise level products in and be thoroughly covered/protected.  So, introducing the MS220-8 & 8P!


In both standard and POE versions (hence the P on one version…*wink*) this unit is a part of the 100% cloud-managed setup for all of Meraki’s products.  This kind of flexibility is amazing to have at your fingertips, especially when it comes to switches.  Remoting into the system using their web portal, you can configure ports on the switches and manage them from anywhere in the world. (I’ve actually solved two problems on my network using the Meraki Cloud Controll with my Windows Phone!)  Heck, their cable testing piece on their switches can save you a ton of time rooting out where a cable has gone wrong.

Now the new MS420-24/MS420-48 are 1U, Layer 3 Aggregation switches that use 10Gpbs across each of their ports.  You’ll have all of the abilities above, plus the fact that it’s a layer 3 aggregation switch, granting you access & control to thousands of ports across your network.  One of my favorite things “Zero Touch Provisioning” takes place when you connect the switch to the internet.  It logs into the Cisco Meraki servers, downloads any configuration you’ve pre-loaded for it and BAM…instant happy switch.

It has speed holes! 😀

A little lost?  No worry…attend this webinar with Meraki, and learn all about these awesome switches and how they can help you.  (And if you haven’t got one of their MR12 enterprise units for free, you will after the webinar!)



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