HP Gen8 Servers and Proprietary Drives

Yup…boring title but a heck of a topic.  Since the latter half of 2012 when the HP Gen8 servers took flight, there have been many complaints that HP requires people to use their drives only.  It’s a touchy subject.  People want their HP, but they want their freedom…so what do they do?  Go back to Dell, try out Lenovo, or brush the cobwebs off of IBM.   I’ve looked into this, and I think if you know how I think you won’t be surprised at the answer.

Buy the HP Drives.

Yup.  Here’s why…they’re more advanced than that WD generic drive you’re slamming into your older units.  (that’s for you jim pinto)  These drives from HP do more than what you’d get in a generic solution, and as ALWAYS in this industry, you get what you pay for.  Here’s a neat thing from the folks at HP that helps describe the new drives. They’re only going to get better folks…look at these features and tell me you don’t want them…I dare you to tell that lie to me with a straight face. 😉



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