End of Innovation?

This is a great article by Gil Press over at Forbes.  Normally I don’t frequent Forbes…I’ve had issues with their writers in the past, but this article to me seemed very on the level and not slanted to Mystery House proportions.  It poses a great point about Innovation and how current tech is only a scratch in the bottom of the proverbial bucket.  Here’s a snippet I liked at the end:

“IT is no longer a “department” like accounting or facilities. The businesses that continue to view it this way will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digitization of everything. IT no longer drives the business. IT is the business. Every CEO should study Mckinsey’s disruptive dozenand any other emerging technology that may or may not be relevant to their business—and develop an action plan for embracing, extending, or ignoring that technology.”

It’s my belief that people love to speak negatively about anything.  There’s an intense desire to be right about something…and when you nay-say on a topic, and you’re right…you’re a SUPERSTAR!  Wow you foresaw that failure…what luck!  If you were wrong…nobody remembers and you’re off the hook.  But taking a chance and believing in something is dangerous…you might look like a fool if it doesn’t work out…oh no!  Seriously?  That’s what humans have evolved to?  Being afraid of believing in something and being wrong?  Cowards…and we’re all guilty of it, especially me.  This year I turned over a new leaf, helping to support projects through Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to make new things happen.  Will they all be smash successes?  No…but I believe in them and the makers of them.

Four years ago, I was introduced to an amazing tech company…you might know them, I write about them a lot…Meraki.  I saw what they had to offer, wrapped myself up in it and began to share it with everyone.  Now I can look back and see those nay-sayers who said it would never matter, never take off, why waste my time on that product…you know, the one that Cisco bought for over 1 BILLION dollars.  Those nay-sayers are now selling it…and looking to me for help.  Thankfully I’m gracious, and happy to help, because it’s a great product…and I’m happy to help them.

What feels better to you?  To believe that future innovations are going to change mankind?  Or that we’re not going to go anywhere?  Think with your heart on that one…that always points you in the right direction.  Innovation is worth one set of these right?


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