HEY MICROSOFT! Buy this company!

What?  Like they read my blog. 😉

I really do hope that they pay attention to companies who put out software to enhance what Microsoft already makes.  With the advent of Windows 8.1 and the return of the Start menu…because some people cannot handle change to an easier tool…I would have hoped that MS would have at least altered it to fit with the new OS’s look.  Nope…it’s going to look like the same old, same old junk.  (Because hitting the windows key and typing is SO hard to grasp….thanks Baby Boomers, yes I’m looking at you guys.)  What MS should be doing is looking at Start Menu Reviver from the smart folks over at ReviverSoft.  They took the Start Menu, and made it to work like the Windows 8 OS.  Usable from a tablet, active buttons to touch…this is exactly what this Start Menu return needs to be.

Hey it’s free…download it and use it.  I’d love to hear what you think of it!


2 thoughts on “HEY MICROSOFT! Buy this company!

  1. I think it is an awesome improvement to the Windows 8 OS. And its so simple too. Makes the whole device much more usable IMHO.

    • Here’s the funny thing, Luke. Win8 is pretty darn useful to begin with…and maybe it’s just me because I’ve been working with it since beta started…but I didn’t miss the Start button at all. It took work for me to understand the fear of change that spread through people at something as simple as an interface button whose life had run its course.

      What MS should have done was to not rip it out, but include a newer version of it, and phase it out a bit more gradually…and even allow those of us who enjoy life without it, to have that too. See…not only should they buy this company for this software, MS should hire me to manage projects too! 😉

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