Short Weeks, Autodesk, and how to ban smartphones…

Oh yea…welcome to work hangover tuesday!  That’s right…the day after you get back from your long 4th of July holiday weekend.  The day you realize that you have a MOUND of work sitting on your desk, and have to work triple time to deal with it.

Well that’s not me, I worked on Friday and Monday. 😉

Heck I’m here ready to go today!  Look at me going to punch that ancient display back into the current day! 😉  (thanks bitstrips)

back to work !


So this month I”m trying to work more directly with manufacturers than in the past, and have added my friends at Autodesk to the list.  You may know them from such amazing things as AUTOCAD or MAYA…come on, you know them.  Well, what we’re doing is offering clients new & old to get a free Autodesk consult…how we do that is to get permission from the client to talk to Autodesk and ask for a report of what they own.  That gives us the ability to look at what the client company has paid for, and help them understand what should be co-termed (to make renewals easier), what should be upgraded, and expanded.  Consultations normally are not cheap…and my experienced friends with Autodesk want to help their users right.  So if your company uses it, contact us and we’ll get you set right.  (Note if you’re a co-worker’s client, call them not me. 🙂 )

Lastly, while looking at my newsfeed today, I saw this and about fell out of my chair laughing.  Not in the good way, but in the “what have stupid people wrought onto us now?” way.  Now I could say “Oh, only in Florida”…but I’m not, this is not isolated.  Only in a world where we elect people who are not technically-minded, technically-able, or over the age where they predate the computer, does this happen.  Not only outlawing Internet Cafes (because heaven forbid people accessing the internet outside their homes), but pretty much outlawing EVERY computer in their state.  Accidental or not, the wording “any system or network of devices” that can be used in a game of chance…is absolutely ludicrous.  I think those readers in Florida might just think about who the hell they’re voting for in the coming years.  Wow…just wow.

And on that uplifting note…have a great Tuesday! 🙂

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