USB 3.1 will match Thunderbolt

Better late than never I say.  Hot on the heels of USB 3.0, 3.1 will have the ability to utilize speeds up to 10GBPS.  This is a bit of a jump (haha) from 4.8 GBPS in USB 3.0…but a necessary one for the format to remain viable.  While I’m no fan of Apple, their Thunderbolt setup gives amazing speed to average users…something you’d only see in the datacenter normally.  Not only the speed, but the power output on those slots would jump from 10w to 100w…a bit of a shock…

ok ok i’ll stop the puns.

I did see this article about how Usb 3 is faster than Thunderbolt in certain applications…very interesting indeed.

Anyway, as you can see this is a heck of a jump for USB…but a necessary one.  Granted, we won’t see anything until late 2014, but knowing it’s coming is good enough.  For now, you’re going to have to suffer to move your pics of Billy’s birthday party or your trip to Disneyland at 4.8 GBPS. 😉  You can see the announcement here.

ok one last joke…


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