Win 8 passwords and how they’ll help businesses…

The last time I said how good Windows 8 was for businesses, a client verbally slapped me…but that won’t stop me.  🙂

The development and necessity of computer passwords over the past 30 years has degenerated into most humans having to know 15-20 different passwords each day.  Personally, I have 14 that I need to use daily, but about 60 or so on top of that for other uses.  What’s worse is that people use bad passwords, like their birthdate, or their kids’ names…or even WORSE they use these completely nonsensical password demands that businesses put on us.

 “This password must have at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one symbol in it…”   -Know-it-all Computer Voice

So, how is thinking like a computer beneficial for creating a password that only you should know?  Fact is, it isn’t.  YOu’re not going to remember something that complex, and guess what?  Yup, hacking programs can figure out your password easier when you think like they do.  What do I mean?  Look…it is explained well here:

100% spot on.  Thank you XKCD…truly intelligent and awesome. 🙂

Now…to my real point.  An even easier method is employed by Windows 8.  If you haven’t seen picture passwords, they’re pretty damn cool and easy to remember.  Basically YOU select a picture of your own…and then make 3 different motions on that picture.  Repeat them…and voila!   You now have a picture password that isn’t a keystroke, and can be accessed easily on either a desktop/laptop/tablet…and is not forgotten easily.

But is it secure, Mike?  Here…since you want to hear it from a better expert…how about right from one of the programmers, Steven Synofsky? 🙂  In this article here, he elaborates on how to make your picture password more secure, and why it’s as good as it is.  THIS is one of the cooler pieces of Windows 8 that people don’t see at the outset…and especially businesses.  Mind you, that article is 2 years old and still very relevant.

If you’re using Win 8, test this out…I think you’ll be rather surprised.  I shouldn’t have to tell anyone how helpful this will be to corporate employees who don’t need to remember yet another gobbledygook password.  If I can look at a picture of my dog, “ruffle” his ears, boop his nose and flick his tail as a password…how is that not better? 🙂

Mental health calls…Yes, I’m writing this from the past.  While you’re reading this I’m somewhere far away on vacation sipping MaiTai drinks. 😀

Peace my friends!


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