*Blink* It’s August? (microsoft office 365)

Howdy great glorious readers!  Man it’s been a challenge of a month.  My return to the office last week slowed my ability to post to an absolute impossibility rolled in black hole pancake.  Normally I could navigate that, but the sheer amount of catching up competed with my Allergies…and the allergies won.  So now I’m back and I’ve got a very cool little article on Office 365 you should take a look at…


What is Microsoft Office 365? A Simple, Straightforward, and Jargon-Free Answer
Posted by Dennis Junk on Mon, Aug 19, 2013
If you’re like most people today, you probably don’t come in to work at 8:00 in the morning, log in on your desktop, and work at your desk until quitting time at 5:00, when you promptly forget all about work until you return to your desk the next morning. As businesses move farther from the old factory model toward greater mobility and more flexible schedules, it becomes ever more challenging to maintain access to documents and stay connected to coworkers.  
Read more here….

It’s so well said I don’t want to muddy it with my goofy humor or verbose descriptions.  (Zork anyone?…what?  It’s where I learned the word ‘verbose’!)


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