“Ahhh…just one more thing…”

in the vein of Columbo…”Ahhh…just one more thing.”

I know I talk about Windows Phone a lot…yes I have one, and no it’s not king of the heap.  What we do know is that one that sells the most doesn’t always make everyone happy nor is it applicable for business…aka square peg, round hole.  The nature of a phone like the Windows Phone that works easily with Outlook, has office apps built into the device, and whose speed is phenomenal, should put it in front of people, right?  Sadly no.  People always look at both my wife’s phone and my phone quizzically when they see it, and ask what it is (while they and their children clutch their iphones like they’re going to die without them).  But that isn’t the point of this post.

What came up a couple weeks ago, while I was on vacation and I missed it, was Microsoft releasing a Windows Phone App maker for anyone to use.  This isn’t something that’s going to teach you coding, or how to make games for it, but it’ll allow you to make your own specialized apps for their Phone software.  Take a look…it’s rather spiffy and easy to use.  If you’ve looked at, or done a Google search for “how to build an iphone app”…I’m sorry, it’s a bit of a mess.  With third party junk software advertising to make apps for you, Apple can’t be happy with that (or could care less apparently)…or you can drop a ton of $ to be a licensed builder without any education, and then you can make iphone apps.  Yeesh.  Nightmare.

Now the MS version for the Windows Phone doesn’t allow you to sell your app, you have to be a registered and paid member to do that…but hell, if I can get started slowly, that’ll encourage me to create more apps for this up and coming software.

And if you’re in a Microsoft Store or at your local cell provider of choice…take a look at the Windows phones…you’ll be surprised. 🙂


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