MS Surface 2 coming with Win 8.1

For those of you who are already on the Microsoft Surface bandwagon…you’re quite lucky.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Surface Pro…but no dice.   However, right now we’re seeing MS try and move their RT and Pro products through the channel (my company, PCM, and others) because they’re about to release new versions of them with Windows 8.1 in what looks to be October.  Unlike the Apple release cycle, which annoys many of us, of: Rumors of release for months, while their products remain at full price…then a special event where they tell you how good it is, and THEN sell off their old product in droves…Microsoft is opting for a more responsible method…discounting us in advance.

So yes, the RT and Pro Surface tablets are available at a discount now, but knowing that more expensive versions are coming later, you can feel even better buying these now.  I’m getting to this interesting report I read yesterday about the Surface’s sales statistics and speculations.  Very interesting stuff, I think.  Take a look.  Meanwhile, below are the MS Surface units we carry here at PCM.  As always, contact us for pricing! 🙂

surface RT sale

surface pro 1

surface pro 2


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